“It was as if someone had decided to recreate a scene from a dystopian film on our very streets. And this was not a guest appearance, the act went on and on and this is just the beginning.”

Construction Dust Is Entering our Living Space

 It’s one thing to be notified of a construction project, quite another to be taken by surprise by its unexpected repercussions.

On one hand, there’s a genuine interest in development and progress, but on the other, there appears to be an oversight or negligence concerning the immediate well-being of its residents.

Now, I understand that the complex bureaucracy of urban development. However, while the county’s website keeps us updated on movements of the construction, it sometimes misses the unexpected solos, like the dust clouds that seem to want an extended curtain call. These solos force us to change our daily plans, or use another exit door from our homes, and sometimes even our outfits.

And here lies the crux of the matter, the lack of proactive communication.

Shouldn’t there be a mechanism in place to inform residents about situations that could directly impact their health and well-being?

This is especially crucial for the more vulnerable amongst us.

A suggestion was made to the county back in July 2023 to not only provide precise details about ongoing projects, air quality, noise regulations, and health risks but also to establish a channel for residents to voice their questions and concerns. Though the county may not be equipped to handle a “chat” or “Twitter-type” platform, involving collaboration across various departments and stakeholders could foster greater transparency, trust, and a more salutary relationship between the county and its residents.
The exploration of this idea is not merely an exercise in urban planning but a deep dive into the heart of community cohesion and trust. The stakes here are monumental, reaching beyond the concrete and steel of a burgeoning city. They touch upon the very essence of what it means to live in a society that values engagement, mutual respect, and a shared sense of responsibility.