What’s in the Air? 
How Loud is too Loud?

The air you breathe should be safe and free of toxic particles. If that’s not possible, you should be informed.

Clear the Air. Know the Risks.


Advocating for transparency about the serious health risks caused by construction and demolition activities. Call for a new policy and regulations to protect people living near these large urban developments.

This major urban transformation kicked off a few years ago with #AmazonHQ2 and is anticipated to continue until 2050. 25 years of continuous construction, exposing residents to daily toxic dust and noise. You have the right to know how this prolonged urban transformation will impact your health.

Who Is This For?
Residents, Employees, Families, Pet’s owners and those affected by Noise PTSD. This speaks to everyone who lives near urban developments. Shouldn’t we have the knowledge to safeguard ourselves, our family and even our pets? What is at stake is your health and the one you care, and closing your eyes it won’t make the danger disappear.

A regulation that provides pollution data by installing public real-time air and noise monitors citywide.

A new policy that mandates disclosure of the health risks to the public of living near construction sites.

Transparency to every resident, expose the Hazards, and lay it all out, from noise levels to air quality.

Why Full Disclosure?

– To ensure the health and safety of all residents and even pets.

– We deserve the same safety reassurances that every construction worker gets by law. Anything less is a betrayal by the city we call home.

– For those considering residing or relocating to Arlington, to empower individuals to make informed decisions.

Specialized equipment capable of detecting not just the size of particles but also their toxicity, installed citywide to ensure that the “good” air quality results accurately represent the air where you live. These monitors can detect any risk from accidents in real time, safeguarding residents by swiftly communicating any health risks.

Why are we demanding clarity?

– Our goal is to prevent lung cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses caused by construction activities through data and awareness. Without monitoring, it is impossible to know what’s in the air.

Clear intel on what’s happening. Provide residents with easily accessible information that directly affects their daily lives. Ensure that reports and data and information isn’t merely available but also easily accessible, without entangling residents in a web of irrelevant data. Clear intel on what’s happening. Should we wear a mask? Keep our windows closed? Can we walk our dogs? Need noise deafening ear protection for infants? Which streets should we avoid?

Join the fight for your right to know!

Calls for Action: The path to transparency is clouded with corporate conceals and bureaucratic barricades. The situation calls for action to hold accountable the developers, county and environmental agencies for their failure to prioritize the community’s welfare.

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