RosslynVA Pollution Awareness

We urge the City of Arlington to break the silence and implement this full disclosure immediately.

Transparency with a Full Disclosure to everyone in Arlington, expose the Health Hazards, and lay it all out, from noise levels to air quality pollution. Everyone who calls Arlington home, even if only from 9 to 5, or future neighbors deserves to know the risks.

For public Air and Noise monitoring systems right next to these construction sites and air testing during demolition and construction. Genuine hazards need real-time monitoring.

For a Public Central Hub! Clear intel on what’s happening. Should we wear a mask? Keep our windows closed? Can we walk our dogs? Need noise deafening headphones for infants? Which streets should we avoid? Know the potential threats and have a place to voice your concerns.

Who Is This For?
Residents, Employees, Families and Pet’s Owners. This speaks to everyone who calls Arlington home, even if it’s just from 9 to 5.

If you’re a resident or planning to live or work in Arlington, this directly concerns you. You might assume that your employer, a real estate agent or a rental manager would alert you before you commit to a place, but they don’t, and they can’t. Laws restrict what they can say. Yet, if this were about asbestos or lead, disclosure would be mandatory. Why not for construction pollution? Knowledge is critical. As Arlington grows and attracts more offices and jobs, shouldn’t this information be readily available? Everyone deserves to be fully informed about the health risks they face. Shouldn’t we have the knowledge to safeguard ourselves, our children, and our vulnerable family members, especially those still grappling with the aftermath of COVID-19?

There is no one to protect you and inform you about the dangers of construction pollution in Arlington! You would naturally expect that the County or someone in authority would disclose any risks to you, but astonishingly, they don’t. And make no mistake, there are risks! The only uncertainty lies not in the existence of these risks, but in whether you will get sick. This isn’t something we should leave to chance.

Together, we can push for clarity and Action.
Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Share your story, your images, your concerns!

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The situation calls for action to hold accountable the one in ‘charge’ for their failure to prioritize the community’s welfare and act to make change in regulations. It is essential to challenge the current system and demand stronger regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of Arlington community.

Regulations and policies governing community protection during urban redevelopment are primarily addressed at the local level rather than federal, but Arlington County is not taking accountability, that means no one else is.

#New Regulations
There are NO REGULATIONS that requires anyone to disclose the health hazards to you. There is a need for a new regulation that gives you the clarity you deserve and it’s your right to know! What is at stake is your health and the one you care, and closing your eyes it won’t make the danger disappear.