RosslynVA Pollution Awareness

They won’t tell you, but I will!

Speak up, demand clarity on the risks for you and your family and even your pet, it’s your right to know. Stop this now before is too late….illnesses caused by construction activities are preventable!

Toxic Dust.
If You Breathe, You are Exposed.

#Lung Cancer
#Heart Disease
#Anxiety & Depression

The list is grim and long.

If development leads to increased sickness and death, it defeats its purpose. The premise of progress is a healthy and prosperous community that can enjoy the benefits of development.

We have asbestos and lead disclosures to warn us about the danger when buying a house and construction workers have guidelines that protects them. So why not similar disclosures about the risks to the people who spends a considerable amount of time near these construction sites?

To guarantee the safety of air quality in RosslynVA and to swiftly identify and communicate any health risks arising from construction accidents, construction sites must be monitored in real-time. Every resident, investor, and employee should have access to this critical information and the data should be easily accessible.

The accessibility of relevant information regarding developments requires people to sift through unrelated data on ArlingtonVA official website. Let’s demand for a centralized place where current and prospective residents can access coherent information about ongoing projects, air quality, potential hazards, noise levels, and other relevant details, –-the real needs of residents.

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