RosslynVA Pollution Awareness

What does all this construction in Arlington mean to you?

#Rosslyn, Arlington.
Oh, you were expecting breathable air and a resort like lifestyle?

They won’t tell you, but I will!

Asthma, Lung Cancer, Silicosis, COPD, Increased risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes, Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Neurological Effects in Adults including Reduced Brain Volume, Cognitive Decrements and Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Sleep Disruption, Memory Loss, Attention Deficit, Birth defects, Reduced Fertility, Decreased Productivity and Children’s Learning Disabilities.

It’s all a big cover-up, plain and simple. It’s shady and they’re playing it fast and loose with our health, and it’s about time we call it for what it is. They’re not giving us the full picture because, frankly, it would mess with their bottom line. It’s like,

They won’t tell you, but I will!

#Rosslyn, ArlingtonVA

What does it mean to you? That the result you see, “good air quality” is not of the air you are breathing right now.

How can you trust the ‘GOOD’ rating when the air testing equipment is placed far away from where is needed?

The air quality data comes from a monitor located far from development sites, giving you a false sense of security about the air you breathe. The equipment only detects the size of particles, the air pollution in general, but not the presence of toxic dust. That means you could be inhaling toxic particles such as asbestos and silica. How does this one monitor help assess the real hazards of air pollution?

Arlington County

Is the health of a community the price tag for progress?

If Arlington County genuinely cared about protecting its residents and really takes air pollution risks seriously, shouldn’t they have monitoring equipment with real-time alerts?

Even if the lack of city measures for data collection and the absence of health hazards disclosures is influenced by corporate interests, shouldn’t the county inform and protect the community regardless?

This whole scenario feels like a game of bureaucratic Monopoly, where certain moves are made for show, but the real issues—like ensuring the air is safe to breathe—aren’t even on the board.

Arlington redevelopment is a 30-year old plan, that’s right, started that long time ago! The County and developers spent a quarter-century meticulously planning this urban transformation, adapting policies along the way. But did they overlook basic human necessities? It’s implausible that over three decades, no one else spotted these concerns. I won’t claim they acted knowingly. So, what happened to those voices? Were they sidelined? Who made the call to sacrifice a few of us for the greater good?

Hon. Mr. Dorsey can you assure everyone, both residents and those who are here from 9 to 5, that their health is not at risk as a result of the constant dust and noise from the ongoing construction and demolition activities in Arlington?



We have no Air Quality monitors to check the pollution levels.

If they had data from monitoring the pollution they would have to disclose it to you.

You won’t find much online about the danger of living near construction sites. Why?

Because the truth is inconvenient. The developers and the County are betting on one thing, that if you don’t see it online, you’ll believe there’s nothing to worry about. Instead of facts, we’re sold picturesque renderings, distractions from the gritty reality. It’s a strategic silence. They’re banking on the fact that the dazzle of development will blind folks to the smog of its wake.

If local government entities are not responsible for protecting the community from a project you had no hand in starting, then we’re in a pickle. Who’s left to man the fort? The developers? Building managers? The state? Let’s not hold our breath for the wolf to guard the sheep.

Could the noise of the ongoing construction be dangerous for our pets? Pet Safety: monitoring their behavior for any signs of distress. During construction, keep them indoors, providing a safe and quiet space.

Transparency isn’t just policy, it’s a human right and a moral duty!

The filth that sparked this!

Trying to find answers left me to dust…”

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Should you worry about the air quality in ArlingtonVA? YES!

No health disclosures is putting the community at risk!

Arlington urban redevelopment is a 30-year old plan, that’s right, started that long time ago! Multiple high-rises, infrastructure adjustments, policies change and yet no public disclosure to the community about the health risks of living near these construction sites.

Arlington is beside the Potomac river, ever thought about what the wind carries? It’s not just dandelion seeds, I assure you!

Because these redevelopment projects are located in an area subject to high winds due to its proximity to the Potomac River, which divides Washington and Arlington, there is no way to contain the harmful particles within the job sites.

Are ‘water spraying’ tactics efficient, or just wasting our resources?

The Laughable Effort to Control Construction Dust

It became blatantly clear after talking with Chairman Dorsey that Arlington County’s ‘wet implementation’ is just for show. Originally designed for quaint two-story buildings, this approach falls laughably short in the face of these massive old office buildings and hotel demolitions. We’re not just talking inefficiency here, we’re talking a colossal waste of water. Even if the wet methods used to control the dust were upgraded, the effort would remain ineffective against the powerful winds in the area.

Local authorities often require construction companies to implement dust control measures on construction sites. This may include using ‘water sprays’, installing barriers, or covering the construction materials to minimize the dispersion of dust into the surrounding areas.

Is construction dust invading your living room or office?

Is this just an outdoor concern?

Is dust from outside construction infiltrating our living spaces? Dirty air filters, only 30 days old instead of the advertised 90, raised questions about the air quality leading me to suspect that construction dust was finding its way into my apartment, despite my efforts to keep my windows closed.

“I was left breathing construction dust which contains silica and/or asbestos for months. Imagine this amount in our lungs. #CentralPlace by JBG Smith left me exposed, not cleaning the air ducts. No laws force their hand. We’re in this alone.”

Dust particles enter indoor spaces even with windows closed during construction activities. Construction dust can be carried by wind currents and may find its way indoors through small openings like gaps around windows, doors, or shared ventilation systems. Even if the filters are changed regularly, the air quality is continuously compromised in ArlingtonVA by the on-going construction work and we are exposed to whatever particulates are in the dust, including silica and/or asbestos.

Since the air in the room is only filtered at specific intake points in the ventilation system, we are exposed before the air is drawn into the ventilation system and filtered. Means we are inevitably breathing in some unfiltered air that contains dust and toxic particulates. The fact that each filter is heavily clogged shows there is a high volume of dust entering the system. Unlike a mask, which filters the air directly before you inhale it, because this dust is coming from an external source, like nearby construction the HVAC system filters the air after it has already been in the room and inhaled by you. –This external dust infiltration leads to the direct inhalation of these particulates, as they are present in the air you breathe before it is cycled through the filtration system. The fact that both HVAC and additional air vent filters I’ve placed are heavily soiled means the dust and particulates can accumulate in the ductwork and continue to circulate through the system affecting the indoor air quality significantly.

Disclosure: By joining me you’ll be providing your name. Collectively, our voices are stronger. Your information won’t be used for any other purpose.

Permits, schmermits!
Welcome to the concrete jungle, where sleep is for the weak.

The issuance of permits for construction activities at night can disrupt residents’ sleep, and the ordinance that aims at restricting noise levels to protect public health, safety, welfare, and quality of life does not apply to city work. Night work may be ok w/county regulations but it appears to be at odds with chapter 15 noise ordinance.

2 AM – Water Line Work

Overnight work on utilities like water, sewer, and electricity…

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 I think of families moving here, perhaps relocated for work, unaware of the construction chaos they're about to face. Imagine the shock of moving into a new home with an infant and your family, only to find yourself amidst relentless noise and dust, trapped in a place that is not what you expected to be, or in a lease with hefty penalties for early termination. This isn't right. In my years in real estate here in Arlington, I can tell you that agents, building managers are prohibited from disclosing information about construction, they don't have to tell you about construction noise or if there is anything toxic in the air unless there are regulations that impose transparency, or specific forms, like those for asbestos. But there are no forms/disclosures when it comes to noise levels and air quality and the risks of living near construction.

I don't believe that human well-being should be sacrificed for economic or infrastructural progress, which is what appears to be happening now because of the lack of health hazard disclosures to the community and data on construction pollution.