What’s in the Air? 
How Loud is too Loud?

The air you breathe should be safe and free of toxic particles. If that’s not possible, you should be informed.

Clear the Air. Know the Risks.

Did you know that air pollution, the harmful substances you might be breathing, kills 7 million people every year? Yet there is no monitoring in Arlington to detect the level of these pollutants. The “Good air quality” rating you see doesn’t reflect the actual air you’re breathing right now.

How much silica and asbestos are in Arlington’s air, and how loud is too loud? We don’t know, because Arlington County refuses to install air and noise monitors. Without this crucial data, they avoid disclosing real hazards to residents

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Pollution caused by construction and demolition, from noise to dust, can lead to irreversible health problems and even death.

Asthma, Lung Cancer, Silicosis, COPD, Ovarian Cancer, Risk of Heart Attacks, Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Neurological Effects: Reduced Brain Volume, Dementia. Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Sleep Disruption, Memory Loss, Attention Deficit, Birth Defects and Reduced Fertility, Decreased Productivity and Children’s Learning Disabilities.

We have no real-time monitoring to assure us that the Air Quality Index is below dangerous levels. Air testing equipment is placed far from where it’s needed in our city.

What does it mean to you? The ‘Today Good Air Quality’ result you see doesn’t reflect the air you’re actually breathing right now. Without accurate, local data, we can’t truly know if our air is safe.
June 2024 – North-Arlington, VA

The clock is ticking, Silence is not an option. Your health is not up for negotiation!

The dust might settle on your clothes or in your house.

There is a lot of dust entering the homes of those who live near construction sites. People have a right to know what this dust contains! But without monitoring, it is not possible to know.

Air pollution is not limited to street-level areas alone. It does indeed permeate the atmosphere at different altitudes, including the upper floors of high-rise buildings.  

Toxic dust particles infiltrate 26th floor apartment in North Arlington, VA, proving that even high-rise penthouses are not safe from air pollution.

While there are laws addressing indoor air quality, they do not provide adequate protection for tenants in commercial properties like those owned by giants such as JBG Smith.
Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970

Dogs and cats share the same home environment with their owners and are exposed to the same indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Silica dust it’s bad news for Fido and Fluffy too. If it’s too loud for you, imagine in your pet’s head!

Drilling, bulldozers, incessant hammering, each noise is a shockwave piercing through a dog’s eardrums. These vibrations can lead to chronic stress and behavioral changes.

Are we gambling with our pets’ health in this concrete jungle makeover? It’s time to consider the consequences of this urban overhaul.

How Does Air Pollution Affect Animals? 6 Deadly Effects

Dogs’ ears are sensitive! If it’s too loud for you, it’s a howl-fest for them.

Noise Sensitivities in Dogs